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Windows phones… The suck!!!!

December 2, 2008 Leave a comment

I have been using HTC Touch P 3452 for the last 6 months. Initially I liked the phone and its features. With time the phone became slower than my dads driving. As if that was not enough, it started switching off on its own. It used to happen once a day without fail whenever I expected important calls and so I thought it was high time it went to the service centre.

To my surprise it was a Sony Ericsson service centre. The receptionist promptly asked me to wait. After waiting for almost half hour, my number came. I listed the problems, as switching off on its own, bad battery back up, network issues. Later I realized these were inherent problems of HTC (High Tech Crap) phones. The guy says he will return my phone in 3 days after replacing the mother board. Happy that I was getting an almost new phone I went back. After one and a half weeks of them not picking my calls, they picked up my call. A guy said that the phone would be ready and I could collect it the next day. I promptly go there the next and they promptly make me wait for an hour. After an hour I get the phone and to my surprise they had just updated the software to Windows 6.1 (a cheap copy of Phone).  This pissed me off. I shouted at them and this guy called Razzaq told me that there were hundreds of HTCs with the same problem and he had fixed it by updating the software.

Partially convinced, I take my phone back. It now switches off on its own 5 times a day, bad battery backup, it has network issues and to add to the misery it has speaker issues, I cant hear anything properly.  Windows 6.1 has a lot of bugs. After another week of them not picking up my calls, I get it touch with them. I spoke to the same guy Razzaq. He said that the HTC Company is not co-operating by sending the mother boards. He had requested 85 mother boards and that it would take me a minimum of a week for repair. He then gives me the phone number of the main HTC service centre. I call them and I came to know that it is also a Sony Ericsson service centre.

For the last time, I will give the phone for service. If the problem continues, then I will change the phone.

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