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Team outing – Dandeli and Karwar

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment

End of year was partying time at Yahoo!. We had a pretty good budget for a team outing. After some quick research I proposed a plan to go to Dandeli and Karwar. The challenge was to find a place which would interest people of two different walks of life. A place in midst of nature, less tourists but with awesome facilities and offering an array of awesomeness. We had a rich spoilt brat who would go to Oooty and stay inside the Taj Hotel for two days and another person who would drive 1000 KM to stay in the midst of a forest.

I booked a brand new TT from Ambassador Tours & Travels for Rs 10 per KM. We left at 8 PM on 17th Dec to Dandeli. The route was Bangalore – Hassan – Hubli – Dharwad – Dandeli. We reached Dandeli at 10 AM. The reason for the delay was that we stopped at a dhaba for dinner and later there was a major traffic jam for 3 hours owing to a truck accident.

I had booked accomodation at Kulgi Nature Camp at Dandeli. Kulgi Nature Camp is a government run unit which is 8 KM from Dandeli, in the midst of Teak forest. A deluxe tent (with attached bathroom) costs Rs 500 per room. They are constructed cottages made to look like tents. These tents have moderate facilities and okish toilets. Alcohol is banned in the vicinity of the camp. Food can be ordered an hour before and is amazing. It is more satisfying then most of the hotels in Dandeli. It costs around Rs 25 per meal.

Bison River Resort organizes white water rafting. One should contact them directly and strike a deal for Rs 950 per person. It is safe and an amazing experience. Most of the people didn’t know how to swim. It is totally worth the money. Also, other then water sports Dandeli doesn’t have much to offer. Safaris have minimal animal sightings.

Next day we left to Karwar at 10 AM. The direct route to Karwar from Dandeli is terrible. We reached Karwar at 2.30 PM. There are not many good hotels on the way and we suffered as we had thought of having breakfast on the way. The Great Outdoor Resort is on Kurumgad Island.

Kurumgad Island is a remote haven, located 4 km into the Arabian Sea from Karwar. This tortoise-shaped island, 6 km from Baithakola in Karwar harbor, offers a beautiful view of the sea. Tourists can enjoy exotic beach walks, nature walks, swimming, fishing, bonfires and barbecues, dolphin spotting, boat rides and snorkeling. The best time to visit is from September to March.

There is a small Narasimha temple here, which has many legends associated with it. A fair is held every year on the full moon day during the Pushya (December – January) month. Thousands of devotees congregate at this island on this particular day to offer prayers. An old fort is there on this picturesque island. Kurumgad Island can be reached by travelling by ferry from Sadhashivgad Boat Jetty on the backwaters of River Kali at Karwar. This island is 1 km from Devbagh Beach.

Great Outdoor island is a bang for the buck. They charge around Rs 1600 per person for lunch, dinner with barbecue and next day’s breakfast. There is a generator for electricity and a small spring forms the source for fresh water. If the spring dries up, water is a major problem. So, summer is a wrong time to go to the island.

We saw dolphins on they way to the island. There is a small private beach and water sports are a big let down. The sunset from the resort is very beautiful. Suns sets into the ocean mesmerizing everyone who is witnessing the spectacular event.

Next day we headed back to Bangalore.

Contact Details:
Kulgi Nature Camp
Kulgi village
Haliyal Taluk
Karnataka – 581325
No: 08284 – 231585

Great Outdoor Island